Crowdfunding Campaign for new Boo Hoo Album

Hello, friends! It’s time to make a new Boo Hoo record. But this time, it’s going to be very different. In the past, I’ve released studio and home recordings. Drums, trumpets, bass and lots of other instruments and voices are on my previous albums. All though I love them dearly, they’ve never been as raw as my live performances. I want to change that and do …

A Live Album
Just me, my guitar and my fans, in a professional recording studio, having a great experience. The show will be professionally taped, mixed & mastered and with your help, released on beautiful 12″ vinyl.

That’s why I’m turning to you. You can help me cover the mixing and mastering, as well as the physical production costs of a beautiful 12’’ vinyl record, featuring the magical artwork, lyrics and background information for every song.

Let’s have a closer look
Here’s a breakdown of what we need to finance:
– Taping of a Boo Hoo concert at Lotte Lindenberg Studio in my hometown Frankfurt/Germany
– Mixing by Wolfgang Gottlieb, who already recorded Daniel Johnston and Howe Gelb
– Mastering by Wolfgang Gottlieb
– Artwork by kickass illustrator Sabrina Gabrielli
– Manufacturing the vinyl and the covers
– Promoting the album and let the press know

The Studio
Studio Lotte Lindenberg in my hometwon Frankfurt
Studio Lotte Lindenberg in my hometwon Frankfurt
The Artwork
Project-Video-Thumbnail ABSPIELEN
I’m happy to announce my favorite illustrator, Sabrina Gabrielli, will create the cover artwork for this new live album. She and I have already worked together for my last tour poster and I absolutely love her vivid ornate style! Though very elaborate, her designs have a lot of innocence.

For this live album cover, she will create something very special that she has never done before: A 360 degree illustration. Check out the concept sketch above to see how it looks. It will grow more and more beautiful as I will feature the different steps of her creative process on the Boo Hoo Facebook page and on Instagram.