Olympic Village Blues

She’s got David Bowie’s eyes
Looking into different skies
Wakes up singin‘ lullabies, she does
Run like hell is at her heels
When they ask her how she feels
She tells the cameras mighty fine

There is a thing, they can’t put on the news
It’s just in her mind
It is the Olympic Village Blues

Put your whole life in a box
Add some water, fake moonrocks
Light some matches, secret cigarettes
Close your eyes as the plane lands
Feel the sweat drip down your hands
Watch the people at the carousel

‚Cause there is a thing, a ceratin kind of bruise
Do they know you got it too?
It is the Olympic Village Blues

You carry the fame across the land
Everybody sees you, but nobody understands
It’s like the last day of a summer camp
When you are leaving as a boy but you can’t come back Come Back Come Back
As a man

There is a thing, she dreams about at night
Only she knows, where it is,
It’s hiding in plain sight It’s nothing you could earn
Or something you could choose
But it’s everything
It is the Olympic Village Blues

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