Win Win

I had a dream I lost you and I woke up again
Your hear got blown in my face by a plastic fan
I took from a hotel room to cool down our brains
These late august nights they are so hot
We put icecubes on strings and when they melt we pretend that it rains

These days everybody lies awake
Thinking about all the mistakes they are gonna make
I’d rather suck at something that I love
Than be the best at something I’m not dreaming of
I think it’s not enough it’s not enough

Some nights we’d go walking in the neon glow
We’d listen to a ballgame on the radio
We’d hear mosquitos buzzing, craving our blood
We bought softdrinks from some kid on the street
When we felt dizzy we asked her if she slipped us drugs and she said:

These days everybody runs around
Just to tell everyone how they’d love to slow down
Me I’d rather let the great world spin
Than be paralyzed by a pounding voice within
I think it’s a win win it’s a win win

Baby I don’t wanna lie awake
Thinking about all the mistakes we’re gonna make
Put your hand back in my hand
Come on let’s fall
Let’s fall asleep again
Come on let’s fall

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