Cheese on Bread Song

Lying on the street with my back turned to the sky
I’m soaking up the heat of the day that just went by
It must have been looking like I was going to die
But I softly fell asleep as the turquoise tram drove by
Dogs they chew on bones and schoolgirls chew on gum
Old men chew on tobacco and I chew on a plum
Its sweet juice sugars every corner of my mouth
It starts to hurt my teeth, but I just wont spit it out

The supermarket’s full of empty cans
Frosted flakes are lying on the floor
A girl is crunching quietly while she dances
And balloons, they keep flying out the door

Lying on the sofa with my back turned to the wall
I’m watching my TV and there’s voices from the hall
Telling me to get up, to put on a clean white shirt
Saying something about war, but I probably mistook the words
As we walked through the streets, it all seemed pretty nice
The pigeons fought the rats and the cats were chasing mice
And everything looked normal except me in my dress
And as I looked and listened the voices all had left

Summer made us friends
Winter froze our hands
As we were pointing to the sky
Wondering where these birds might fly to

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