Boo Hoo is the folk music project of Bernhard Karakoulakis. Named after the elusive Nintendo ghost character, Boo Hoo stands out not just for its name but for its unique storytelling. As a singer-songwriter, Bernhard crafts introspective songs reminiscent of artists like John K. Samson and Sufjan Stevens that reflect his cultural influences and personal experiences.

Bernhard’s stories are rooted in his bicultural heritage, embodying both the richness and the inherent melancholy of living between worlds. Growing up half Greek, half German, his summers were spent immersed in the warmth of Greek family life, only to return to Germany, feeling the poignant sting of separation. This duality has not only enriched his life but has also imbued his music with a sense of longing and a deep appreciation for the beauty found in transient connections.

It was only after moving to New York in the early 2010s that Bernhard found a reflection of his own experiences in the city’s diverse and accepting antifolk scene—a community where the blending of cultures was celebrated, and the complexities of identity were embraced in song. This revelation became a guiding light in his musical expression, allowing him to infuse the nuances of his upbringing into his sound, making the in-between not just a space of transition, but a home.

After returning to his hometown Frankfurt from his New York adventures and extensive tours across Europe, Bernhard focused on composing original pieces for Schauspiel Frankfurt and releasing “Boo Hoo Live,” a project brought to life with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

“Fray Willy” (2024), the latest Boo Hoo release, marks a significant evolution from the early DIY sounds to a more refined folk-pop. Transitioning from a bedroom project to a richer folk and acoustic sound, Boo Hoo’s music has grown, yet it retains its core of introspective lyricism and wondrous outlook on the world.

Collaborations with artists like The Burning Hell, Toby Goodshank, Michael Scheuber, and producer Brian Speaker have played a crucial role in shaping Boo Hoo’s sound, adding personal and distinctive touches.

Currently working from his home studio in Frankfurt, Bernhard’s music is a sonic journey through warm, acoustic landscapes, often with tender finger-picked guitars that weave intricate tales, occasionally brightened with the jangly echoes of 60s folk. At the heart of Boo Hoo’s sound lie bittersweet melodies, carrying the weight of nostalgia and the lightness of hope. These contrasts are a comforting embrace, a reflection of life’s ever-evolving complex beauty.




May 27, 2024
May 25, 2024


2023/09/02 Frankfurt (DE) Alte Seilerei
2023/08/02 Frankfurt (DE) Sommerwerft
2023/01/21 Houten (NL) De Groeverij
2022/06/13 Nürnberg (DE) Gallerie Bernsteinzimmer
2022/06/12 Offenbach (DE) Waggon am Kulturgleis
2022/06/11 Frankfurt (DE) Seilerei
2022/06/10 Mainz (DE) Ventil Verlag @ Hafeneck
2022/06/09 Frankfurt (DE) Stadtbücherei
2022/06/08 Cologne (DE) Die hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld
2022/06/07 Amsterdam (NL) De Nieuwe Anita
2022/06/06 Utrecht (NL) Vechtclub XL
2019/07/07 Berlin (DE) Internet Explorer
2019/06/05 Leipzig (DE) Ilses Erika
2019/06/01 Frankfurt (DE) No2 Records
2019/05/31 Freiburg (DE) Fluxus
2019/05/30 Nürnberg (DE) Radio Z Sommerfest
2019/05/28 Köln (DE) Die Hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld
2019/05/27 Brussels (BE) Le Chaff
2019/05/26 Paris (FR) Le Zorba
2019/05/25 Rotterdam (NL) Koffee & Ambacht
2019/05/24 Groningen (NL) O’Ceallaigh,
2019/05/23 Den Bosch (NL) Willem Twee
2019/05/22 Utrecht (NL) De Kromme Haring
2018/07/24 Darmstadt (DE) Riegerplatz
2018/07/20 Frankfurt (DE) Dreikönigskeller
2017/08/12 Frankfurt (DE) Lotte Lindenberg
2017/10/26 Frankfurt (DE) No2 Records
2017/09/25 Munich (DE) Bergschmiede
2017/09/24 Reims (FR) House Show
2017/09/23 Troyes (FR) The Message
2017/09/22 Dijon (FR) Maison Perrichet
2017/09/21 Lyon (FR) Le Bal des Fringants
2017/09/16 Basel (CH) Carambolage
2017/09/15 Frankfurt (DE) Galeria Pequena
2017/02/08 Frankfurt (DE) Forst Festival
2017/01/08 Frankfurt (DE) SIKS
2017/12/08 Frankfurt (DE) Sommerwerft
2017/01/07 Offenbach (DE) Kurkonzerte Dreieichpark
2017/07/07 Offenbach (DE) Hafen 2
2014/04/08 Frankfurt (DE) Ponyhof
2014/03/05 Thessaloniki (GR) Residents Bar
2014/03/04 Ioannina (GR) Soulkitchen Halle
2014/03/01 Taranto (IT) Gabba Gabba
2014/02/28 Gioia del Colle (IT) Arci Lebowski
2014/02/27 Foggia (IT) Tolleranza Zero
2014/02/26 Bologna (IT) Quarantatre Barradue
2014/02/25 Modena (IT) Happen Club
2014/04/24 Montecarotto (IT) Palazzo Baldoni
2014/02/23 Fermo (IT) Locanda San Rocco
2014/02/22 Terni (IT) CAOS
2014/02/21 Roma (IT) Unplugged in Monti
2014/02/20 Berlin (DE) Heiner's Bar
2013/04/29 Hamburg (DE) Soulkitchen Halle
2013/04/28 Berlin (DE) Pink Melon Joy
2013/04/27 Leipzig (DE) Wärmehalle Süd
2013/04/26 Chemnitz (DE) Lokomov
2013/04/25 Łódź (PL) Owoce i Warzywa
2013/04/24 Warsaw (PL) Café Kulturalna
2013/04/23 Kraków (PL) Piekny Pies
2013/04/22 Wien (AT) Loft 16
2013/04/21 Zurich (CH) Bar 3000
2013/04/18 Paris (DE) Les Ballades Sonores
2013/04/16 Paris (FR) Le Motel
2013/04/15 Wetzlar (DE) Die Hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld
2013/04/14 Düsseldorf (DE) Die Kassette
2013/04/13 Wetzlar (DE) Café Vinyl
2013/04/12 Frankfurt (DE) Die Fabrik
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