Call From My Sister

I got a call from my sister
She lives far across the sea
I don’t feel so but I miss her
How she was looking down to me

And she says: Come and visit me
On the beach. It could be fun!
And I say: I’d really like to go
But I think I’ll never come.

Don’t fear the terror.
Better go and fear yourself
We’re lying naked on that table
On cold metal it won’t help

And they’ll take away everything we like
Step by step without a fight
Until there’s nothing left
And we are ghosts in the night

So I’m going to that cornfield
And watch how these cows fly
Like balloons with funny shapes
Across the sky

And they say: Catch us and put us back
The people who know won’t forget
And they’ll be good to you

And they’ll be less shy than you are
You’re gonna go somewhere far
And we’ll take care of you all

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