The New Day Started

The new day started
Just like the day before
Big enough not to ignore

That it was hollow
And not build to have a view
On the the sea

We wiped away our blankets
Found a dog lying underneath

Hey come on, let’s play
And later we’ll sleep again
I know someone will do it
Whispered the ceiling fan

The light starts to glow
As the underground train hits the house
I can feel the vibration with
My fingers pressed onto the mouse

The new day starts
Just like the day before
We wear our glasses
And they still look like they did in the store

We cut our hair short
We cut our nails
I can see the ocean from the car
That rides on rails

The closer we get
The more salty smell strikes my nose
I can hear the sound of waves
On our mobile phones

We stopped the ride
When we felt sand under our feet
And like a broken record
The dog repeats

Don’t throw it all away
I thought that I was here to stay
For a year or maybe two
But leave the lights on when you go

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